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MMA Grappling

Who are the Best Grapplers in MMA?

A run down of the very best grapplers who are currently active in competition around the globe today. You will be surprised by the number 1 selection! MMA history is ...
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MMA fight

Creating a champion – the best martial arts for MMA dominance

We reveal what the number one martial art everyone in MMA should be training right now if they want to dominate opponents and take home Championship Gold. From the traditional, ...
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Striker vs Grappler

Striker vs Grappler – Does a grappler really always win

Everything you need to know to get well informed on the age-old debate that has been raging in martial arts Striker vs Grappler. Both camps have their own views on ...
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BJJ Judo Ju Jotsu Frustration

Frustrated and demoralised – Don’t quit read this

It doesn’t matter if you train in BJJ, Judo or Ju-Jitsu, most martial artists will tell you that frustration is part of the learning process. Well here we are going ...
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Russian Combat Sambo

What is Russian Combat Sambo and is it really effective?

Sambo is a highly effective martial art that traces its history back to the early years of the Soviet Union. Created as a fusion of multiple martial arts and driven ...
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What is Judo

What is judo – the single greatest martial art here is why

Judo is a grappling based martial art and later sport that is derived from Ju-Jitsu. Translated into English Judo literally means the gentle way, it is this philosophy that under ...
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Judo vs BJJ

Judo vs BJJ

Everything you need to know about Judo vs BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) from the history, training styles, and comparison of effectiveness. You might think Judo and BJJ are extremely similar or ...
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Flow rolling light rolling

Flow Rolling – The art of rolling light

What is flow rolling In its essence flow rolling is light sparing in BJJ. Most people who have trained will have at some point bumped fists and had the partner ...
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What does BJJ mean

If you have heard people talking about BJJ and you have been left feeling a little confused or maybe your son or daughter have told you they want to start ...
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Benifits of Judo

12 physical and psychological benefits of training Judo

Judo is a martial art and Olympic sport that comes with a ton of physical and mental benefits that are enjoyed by its practitioners around the world today. Here we ...
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