Valor Fightwear Top 3 Gi’s Reviewed

When your looking to purchase a new Gi its all to easy to turn to one of the big players in the Jiu-Jitsu market for that all important purchase. Despite this there are plenty of smaller companies who have been very successfully creating great Gi’s that prove to be durable and comfortable. Valor Fightwear certainly fall into this category.

Based in England Valour have been making there own Gi’s for well over 5 years and offer a wide range of martial arts equipment on their site. Most of the website is driven towards the BJJ and Judo market. We will be sticking to the Gi’s here but it’s well worth checking out their other ranges too.

Having owned a Valor Gi for over three years it truly been one of the best performing Gi’s I have purchased. They have an excellent range of Gi’s available all of which are competitively priced with no single Gi on there website today costing more than 95 Great British Pounds or around 150 United States Dollars on their US website.

The Gi’s are finished to the highest standard and could easily command a much higher price. Most of the designs have a simple and elegant look to them, finding a good balance between branding and stitching. This is not to say Valor don’t get a little funky. They have Gi’s across there ranges available in bold colours. Several there Gi’s are purchasable in Red, orange and yellow if you really want to stand out!

The Valor Valente is a fantastic option if you want a unique look on the mat. Priced at a very reasonable £50 or $85 this is a light weight Gi that comes with an inverted collar. The three options are black with red collar, blue with black collar and white with blue collar. You would have to go a long way to find another Gi that can offer such a unique look and maintain such an affordable price.

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the Gi’s Valour are offering today.

Valor Bravura Classic Plain BJJ Gi

Valor describe this Gi as benefiting from the following features

  • Minimal styling and patches
  • Durable Construction. These GIs are built to last!
  • Rubberised collar to prevent sweat and bacteria absorption
  • 10oz canvas cotton pants, double reinforced knee padding and triple stitched across all stress points.
  • Rope drawstring as opposed to the traditional twill which allows for tighter fastening of the trousers.
  • FREE White Belt

Its hard to argue with this description. The Gi Jacket certainly has minimal styling with the shoulder patches disregarded leaving a clean and sleek looking Gi Jacket. The minimalist approach to branding continues on the Gi bottoms as only a small amount of branding remains. The stitching on the Jacket and trousers blends in well with the Gi colour whilst still providing the necessary reinforcing that makes all the Valor Gi solid products.

Rope drawstring pretty much comes as standard across all major Gi manufacturers and it’s great that Valor have opted for this over twill even on there cheapest Gi. As seems to be standard with Valor this Gi comes with a free white belt, which makes it a great option as a first Gi.

As with all Gi’s this is suitable for anyone who trains. I suspect it will have a particular appeal to those who want a quality Gi on a tight budget, and the Valor Bravura Classic certain delivers on that front. Ideal for those looking to buy there first Gi it will also appeal to anyone who finds branding on many Gi’s to be over bearing or garish.

Available on Amazon

Valor Bravura Deluxe BJJ GI

This represents the mid-range Gi that Valor currently have on offer and they describe it in similar terms to the Bravura Classic;

  • Durable Construction. These GIs are built to last!
  • Plenty of stylish patches and embroideries
  • Rubberized collar to prevent sweat and bacteria absorption
  • 10oz canvas cotton pants, double reinforced knee padding and triple stitched across all stress points.
  • Rope drawstring as opposed to the traditional twill which allows for tighter fastening of the trousers.
  • FREE White Belt

This is another solid offering from Valor as the Bravura Deluxe is a robust Gi capable of handling years of rolling and washing. This Gi is made from Pearl Weave which is one of the finest materials on the market today. Find out more about the different Gi weaves here.

This Gi comes with the classic shoulder patch branding that you find on most Gi’s and the Valor logo printed on the front of the jacket. The trousers also benefit from branding on the sides in the calf area. The stitching again is of the highest standard and certainly looks the most effective in the Grey option, with the Gi also being available in Navy, Blue and White.

If your looking to upgrade from the basic end of the Gi market, then the Valour Bravura Deluxe should certainly be amongst your considerations. Durable and good looking it is an attractive option coming in at a very reasonable £70. At the time of writing this Gi doesn’t appear to be available on the Valor US site but its worth checking out for yourself.

Currently available on Amazon

Valor Prime 2.0 Premium Lightweight BJJ

The final offering, we will be looking at from Valor as the names suggests is at the top end of their price range as a premium Gi. This Gi also represents an area which has been growing fairly rapidly in the BJJ market; lightweight Gi’s. This is only one of the lightweight options, as Valour also offer lightweight and an IBJJF legal super-lightweight Gi.

As per Valor’s description this Gi benefits from;

  • 450 Gram Pearl Weave Jacket
  • Contrast Custom Stitching
  • Embroidered Logos
  • Tailored Cut for a better fit
  • 8oz Canvass Cotton Trousers
  • 4 Drawstring Loops to keep the drawstring in the correct position and to stop it moving around
  • Super Thick Duo Layer Rope Drawstring
  • Stylish branded woven tape on the inside base of jacket and also the sleeve and trouser cuffs
  • Sublimated neck yoke lining

Its difficult to know where to start as you get a lot of Gi for your £95 or $150. At 450 GSM this is a strong Gi that can be used for regular training or competition. The contrast stitching on this Gi adds to the premium feeling provided by the embroidered logos on the shoulders.

The tailored cut of this Gi gives it a much snugger feel when worn compared to the standard Gi’s Valor produce. If you’re the type of grappler who cares for there appearance on the mat, then this tailored fit is certainly something you need to consider.

This Gi comes with all the features that are offered as standard on the less pricey options, with drawstring rather than twill, well stitched and robust trousers and the tap woven into the cuffs and bottom of the jacket.

If you want a lightweight competition ready Gi that you can wear to training multiple days a week then the Valor Prime 2.0 Premium Lightweight BJJ represents a great choice at a highly respectable price.

Available on Amazon in a wide range of colours and sizes.

Final Thoughts

Whilst Valour are one of the smaller manufacturers operating in a market that is increasing being controlled by the larger companies such as Tatami, they are more than able to offer stiff competition. Whether your looking for your first Gi or 21st Gi its worth checking out their website as they have plenty to offer everyone at very affordable prices.

The Valor Bravura Classic Plain BJJ Gi offers excellent quality at a price that many companies are unable to contend with and it is certainly a top option for anyone looking to buy there first Gi without breaking the bank.

Don’t just take my word for it head over to Amazon and check out there prices for yourself.

N.B All prices correct at time of writing, please check the relevant links for the current prices as these may be subject to change.